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22 months



These past 2 months have been slightly eventful J You have begun talking on your own! Your words so far are bubble, ball, byebye, wow, owe, ow, dada, and mama. And I didn’t teach you but 2 of them. You also beginning to show your humor. You love playing with boxes; putting them on your head, on my head, on both our heads at the same time, sitting in the box and folding it over your legs… You also love posing for pictures… some of the time J You get that from me. I was like that when I was little. You have recently also shown enjoyment in climbing in boxes or small places and looking out at the world. You enjoy it so much that you climbed into the bottom shelf of a corner bookcase at Goodmans (our local country store where we buy our boots, socks, and one day jeans and shirts). You pulled most of the stuffed horses and dogs off the shelf and then squealed loudly as you looked up at me J It was really cute. I hope that it was ok with the store people!

You can now take off your own jacket and hat. You really aren’t a fan of me wearing a hat yet. I don’t know why yet because you can’t talk but I’m sure it’s because you haven’t seen me much with a hat on. But, after this winter I’m sure you will get used to it J

As you grow, you are becoming more and more fond of Stout. You enjoy going into the dogs kennel (fenced off area in the downstairs office with a futon bed to sleep on) and flopping down on their bed, squealing as loud as possible. Stout loves to join you to make sure you are ok and lick your face as much as he can before I call him away to give you a chance to catch your breath.

I have begun to teach you the first 3 questions and answers of the Childrens’ Shorter Catechism. We already read one Bible story and one story that combines a character quality with an animal story. And then we sing you to sleep. Actually, we let you pick the hymn we sing and while we are singing you fall asleep. It’s the magic cue for you to nod off to sleep.

Dancing is another past time favorite. And you are really crazy! You mostly run around in a circle but sometimes you nod your head up and down, shack your head as if the end of the world depended on it, or you bounce up and down a little. And then or rare occasions you pump your arms one at a time. Your aunt Joy is so excited to dance with you and teach you what she knows. It’s exciting to see the musical side of you develop and how you express yourself right now J Sometimes a commercial will come on TV and it captures your attention (literally captures your attention). The only way I can get you to look at me is if I place my hand on your back or shoulder and ask you to look at me.

Toy box cars, trains and trucks are your favorite! You absolutely love ‘Hunting Season’ and Thomas. I don’t know why ‘Hunting Season’ except maybe there are tons of animals in it. And you know how to make a movie play, pause, and stop.

Cooking and baking are more interesting now. It is very exciting to me because these are two of my interests right now and I’m hoping to learn more and teach you as I go and as you get older. There is an entire world out there specifically focused on the culinary world. I am interested in Bobby Flay’s grilling and Giada de Laurentis Italian cooking. I’m hoping to teach you more about flavors, spices, fresh meats (fish, elk, deer, etc.), vegetables and breads.

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully I will get the hang of this writing to you in the next few months. As you grow older I know there will be more to write down for you to read.

I love you dearly my champion!

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